With winter approaching we think about skiing and snowboarding. What ride do I want? How to achieve the best response?

A number of board makers are turning to basalt fibers and basalt fabrics. With a 25% better flexural modulus basalt boards are not too stiff like carbon fiber, and not too soft like fiberglass – just right – basalt fiber. I call it Golden Rocks!

The specific strength of basalt fiber composites is typically 50% higher and the specific stiffness is 25% higher than similar glass composite.

Additionally, the inter-laminar shear strength, a measure of the fiber matrix adhesion, is shown to be excellent, half way between similar glass and carbon composites in the same resin system.

Board makers care about the materials they use. Basalt fibers are natural and much less intrusive than petroleum based fibers. Basalt comes from volcanos that expended their gasses millions of years ago. Safer, non-respirable (still wear masks when shaping) basalt is a beautiful fiber. It wets very nicely and forms easily.