I have the idea that concrete tiny homes can be a FAR superior option to wood stick frames currently being built. Today’s new concretes are much thinner and lighter and stronger than those of old.

Add reinforcement with basalt rebars, basalt meshes, basalt twine and basalt chopped fibers and the results will be very fire retardant, weigh less and have better insulation.

Why better insulation?
Because Smarter Building Systems has a foam additive that can be mixed into the concrete to offer tremendous “R-value”, which really is a thermal insulation value. Added bonus, thermal insulation goes hand in hand with sound attenuation.

So by making panels with this concrete mix, and using our reinforcements, homes can be made of panels that are easily connected, therefore easier to ship, safer, and better insulated. Plus a larger interior footprint.

The price should be way less than stick frames, they can be stamped to look like wood, brick, whatever desired. Wood can of course still be used inside but many objects inside also can be made this way. Countertops, steps, tubs etc. all kinds of products can be made from lightweight strong cements that will last and not burn.

Concrete pool house, joel sanders architect

Concrete pool house in Bedford, New York. Joel Sanders Architect.

Building homes of any size with concrete is not a new concept, popular in Europe it is making its way to America.

Link to Bob Vila’s website with a few “Large” homes built with concrete along with this pool house in NY.