New residential complex is under construction.
Source: The Charlotte Observer.

The city council of Sandy Springs, GA have approved a building code change that bans the use of wood-framed construction in new buildings taller than three stories or larger than 100,000 sq feet.

Supporters of the change cited safety issues, as well as matters of quality, durability and longevity of buildings by turning to steel and masonry. Bravo for this forward thinking!

Yes, wood stick building is cheaper but not better. Fires, floods, storms, tornados and hurricanes all quickly destroy wood framed buildings. Many buildings that survive are left with mold and rot.

Today’s concretes are much stronger and thinner than concretes of old. They are fire retardant, much more insulating and more sound attenuating than ever before. When basalt reinforcements are added we get an extremely long lasting and safe building.

How affordable is it to lose everything in a disaster? Your life mementos, personal possessions, equipment and possibly lives will be saved in more structurally sound buildings.

We also offer stuccos and plasters for concrete that are fire and water retardant, breathable and insulating while being safe and long lasting. Sensible natural materials that are not too expensive when looked at for long term use. With little to no repairs over time you pay less and feel safer.

It’s nice to hear and see this understanding of Smarter Building Systems!