Franco Snowshapes in Jackson, Wyoming used basalt fabric for two of their latest snowboards. With thirty years in the snowboard industry their mission is to build boards that last, perform and inspire. Shown here, the basalt snowboards are made with black unidirectional basalt fabric and plain bi-axial basalt fabric.

Mikey Franco had the following to say about his first experience building a snowboard with basalt fabric: “I have never worked with fibers that didn’t make me itch and cough until now. The board is the same weight as glass but considerably stronger. And I love the color! Looks like carbon but won’t ride like carbon, which to me is a good thing! It will be more damp and less twitchy than carbon fiber…The fabric is quite translucent, the black unidirectional is actually under the biaxial!”

We look forward to seeing more snowboards built with basalt fabrics. Be sure to check out Franco Snowshapes’ website for see more of what they do: Franco Snowshapes, Jackson WY