Tesla car with basaltWith a boldly re-designed exterior featuring strong and light tuning components made of carbon fiber and basalt fiber, the new Tesla Model S Elizabeta is the car of the future.

During the development of the bumpers, Larte used innovative materials composed of basalt fiber, a material of volcanic origin. Materials made of basalt fiber possess such important properties as porosity, heat resistance, vapor permeability, and resistance to chemical agents as well as vibration resistance and the durability and stability of properties during prolonged usage in different conditions. Materials made of basalt fiber have higher impact resistance and toughness and have shock-absorbing characteristics as well. Basalt fiber is eco-friendly and doesn’t emit any harmful chemicals into the water or air. It also has a higher strength-to-weight ratio, which makes the outer parts of the car (bumpers, spoilers, etc.) stronger and lighter.

Due to such impressive properties, basalt fiber is used to manufacture bulletproof vests. These materials are also widely spread in the aviation and space industry. This is extremely important for the production of car components in order to ensure safety in the event of a crash. Furthermore, components made of basalt fiber are resistant to severe natural conditions: moisture, salt solutions, alkali and acids. The use of such materials is becoming even more relevant due to the introduction of new standards for the use of fire-resistant and non-toxic materials in the car industry in the USA.

Excerpts from LarteDesign.com