This shake table test is a dome built with wood – would be MUCH better if the dome was built with basalt rebars, basalt mesh, basalt twine and basalt chopped fibers!

Basalt is stronger than steel, never rusting or corroding, does not conduct electricity, or burn down or get eaten by bugs, mold or ruined by water.

Use this basic dome shape as the starting point and build into and around it. Dormers or porches or additions for instance. By keeping the structural integrity of the dome shape, you provide your family with a safe and intelligent structure that can be very comfortable.

Basalt reinforcements will last for centuries. Add crystallizing agents into your concrete and use advanced aggregates to stop water penetration and plasticizers to allow for flex and expansion and contraction. These will solve most all problems. Fire retardant, natural disaster mitigation and a healthier home that is earth friendly and built with a conscience!