Smarter Building Systems is proud to announce the next generation of fibers made from renewable materials using Basalt fibers and a cellulose fiber Bio-Mid, made from certified sustainable wood. Bio-Mid and Basalt volcanic rock fibers are compatible with most common resin systems.

These fibers have unique advantages to traditional natural fibers – they offer the same lightweight and sustainable advantages, but with a substantial increase in thermal resistance, fiber uniformity, and fiber alignment. Results are a much higher in-plane loading and higher fiber content in laminates.

Breaking strengths are higher than most E-glass yarns of similar weight. 100% renewable content.

Cellulose is the world’s most abundant renewable material, and basalt mines contain many millions of cubic yards of volcanic rock.

No fertilizers, pesticides or extraordinary irrigation are required to produce these fibers. They do not compete or displace lands suitable for food crops. All this makes for a much lower carbon footprint in stark contrast to traditional natural or man-made synthetic or petroleum based fibers that often generate thousands of tons of CO2 due to post harvesting and mining processes.

Manufacturing with a conscience, with technology that can create superior performance, while remaining earth-friendly.

Fabrics are available in standard 40-inch (1 meter) widths and can be supplied in other widths ranging from 30-80 inches (76 cm up to 2 meters). Combined as a unique hybrid, the Bio-Mid/Basalt fibers are particularly useful as the different properties are advantageous. Contact Nick for more information.