basalt rebar in swimming pool constructionSwimming pools contain hundreds of feet of rebar reinforcements. First a grid is made vertically and horizontally, then it is encased in concrete.

Basalt volcanic fiber rebar is now being used as an alternative to steel rebar with great success. Basalt rebar coils of 328 feet (100 meters) reduces the number of pieces needed. By reducing the number of pieces that would have to be overlapped and tied means less labor. By saving labor and time you are saving money!

Additional benefits of basalt rebar vs steel rebar:

• basalt rebar does not corrode like steel, and is twice as strong, so less concrete can be poured in certain areas
• a smaller diameter basalt can be used than steel
• basalt rebar is flexible
• no rusty sharp ends of the steel rebar that cut the workers
• the whole grid does not have to be grounded because basalt does NOT conduct electricity.

Bottom line:
Ease of installation, huge labor and time savings, safer and longer lasting.