Smarter Building Systems LLC of Newport RI, whose primary products are basalt volcanic rock composite fiber fabrics and Innovative Formulations of Tucson AZ, developer of environmentally safe epoxies, are proud to announce the successful development of the first truly non-toxic Fire Retardant (FR) epoxy. Self-extinguishing in seconds, emitting no harmful smoke and having no flame spread are properties that distinguish this epoxy.

Applied to all natural basalt fibers and fabrics they now offer a perfect solution for fire protections applications at an affordable price. The completely environmentally safe non-toxic Fire Retardant epoxy, developed first for Caltrans (CA DOT) as a bridge deck coating surface, and in use successfully having had millions of vehicles pass over.

Our new FR epoxy is in essence, a new molecular structure that is described as having the quad functional ability to be able to graft oleophobic and hydrophobic properties together. Our epoxy can bond to itself even after cure.

We have tested this epoxy on various layers of basalt volcanic rock fiber fabrics and fiberglass and carbon fibers. All successfully. Typically most so-called FR resins give off toxic smoke that is more dangerous than the fire. This new FR epoxy builds up a char layer, sort of like an intumescent paint, and prevents fire from penetrating to the lower layers of cloth and resin while maintaining great structural capacity.

We welcome interested parties who have a compelling need for this kind of performance and properties characteristics. Our formulations can be modified to reach impact resistance, hardness, temperatures, and flexural modulus elasticity. Our chemistry wets out beautifully on most all fiber fabrics. Basalt is, for an FR solution, the prime material.

Please contact Nick for development opportunities at 401-481-8422