Cush-Spacestick builds high performance soft skinned / shelled surfboards. With the advancement in modern materials they have sought to create a surfboard that will last a lifetime. Thereby protecting the future with less boards filling landfills.

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“We hand shape every board. Our hands laminate and skin every board. And our hands send the finished board to you. We use advanced materials which were previously never used in surfboard manufacturing.

An EPS foam core is laminated with Basalt cloth and Epoxy. Basalt is made of strands of volcanic rock made into a cloth. Basalt can take a beating better than most. It is stronger than E glass and less also likely to buckle than carbon fiber.Read more…

Memory foam rails
Hand Shaped – Hand laminated
EPS core with Basalt and epoxy inside
Internal torsion box design – Sintra (PVC) stringers
Encapsulated entirely with durable CUSH skin—smooth, soft, dermal skin

Cush-Spacestick boards take about 10 hours of extra labor compared to a standard surfboard. For more details and to make a purchase go to their Online Store.