Famous skiff designer Chris Morejohn is making a new boat using basalt volcanic rock fiber fabrics. Chris has reported that he first made similar size panels of Fiberglass, Kevlar, Carbon and Basalt fibers to test. Smashing with a hammer each panel was easily destroyed except the Basalt which Chris says the hammer bounced off!

Three other boat builders are now in the process of building basalt boat hulls. Each has done similar testings and all report how well the basalt fabrics wet, lay up and take impact. Two 38 foot fishing boats are being made in California and Mexico. Another two skiffs in Florida and more to come.

We welcome boat fabricators and designers to consider the cost effective solution of basalt. We believe that even though it costs a bit more than fiberglass, less layers can be used and still be more impact resistant. Meaning a lot less time, labor and resin. So bottom line costs are less for a stiffer and far more impact tolerant final boat.

Basalt is far more recyclable as well. We make composites ROCK!