Basalt twine rope is a flexible rebar rope that in tension and compression of concrete becomes like a quarter inch rebar. We took our basic basalt threads (basalt roving) and braided it to make pencil thick twine, over a thousand feet long on a bobbin that weighs just seven pounds.

By winding this flexible rebar twine back and forth in every direction the concrete cement is tied together and becomes much stronger and harder to break apart. You can carry the equivalent of a flatbed truck worth of rebar in your backseat!

Monolithic Domes in Texas makes small, what they call EcoShell domes, by blowing up a large balloon, spraying it with concrete and then wrapping the basalt twine around and around the dome in all directions crossing over and then spraying more concrete on the shell.

This is all that is needed to make a small building that can withstand hurricanes and tornados. I personally would have a basement and have the twine extend from that in many directions then wrap those up over the building. The basalt twine is a fantastic buy, contact me for details.

In the video below Mr. David South of Monolithic Domes explains the use of basalt roving and twine in the construction of their Eco Shells.

Video uploaded on Jan 31, 2011 to YouTube: Monolithic use the Basalt for EcoShells. This is the scaled down uninsulated version. The dome on the video is demo only. It is 10 foot diameter. Monolithic often build 40 foot diameter. For most of the housing in the developing countries buildings are 20 feet diameter to 40 foot (6m to 13m).