Basalt fabric used for the tool mold of a carbon fiber yacht’s bow.

basalt fabric used for the mold tool

A basalt fabric used as part of the tool mold for a carbon fiber yacht

Basalt bi-axial fabric was used to make a tool mold for the nose cone of a very expensive carbon fiber yacht last month.

I had been told that basalt was too different from carbon fiber and would have a different expansion and contraction coefficient. It did not! The basalt had no measurable movement at high temperatures. Most importantly it replaces carbon fiber as the tool for a third of the price!

Basalt does NOT conduct electricity, so NO SHOCKS. Many carbon fiber tools are made but the workers making them experience a lot of electric shocks because of the static electricity. Even grounded in many places, computers are regularly blown out. Not with basalt!

The basalt made very detailed curves and inserts for the bowsprit lines. The savings potential using basalt is huge and obvious.

Contact us if you are a boat builder or using carbon fiber as a mold tool. We would love to talk to you about using basalt fabric as an alternative that offers the same performance with considerable financial savings!