Basalt Mesh Repairs — Fyfe Europe Projects

There are many historic and other masonry structures that require strengthening while being compatible with existing materials and maintaining their textures and colors. Fyfe Europe S.A. has developed the Tyfo® RM System. Comprised of a specialized EP (open weaved) fabric that is installed in a mortar matrix compatible with the substrate and the materials of the structure. The standard EP fabrics for the System are the Tyfo® EP-B Basalt fabric and the Tyfo® EP-C Carbon fabric. Standard Tyfo® EP Fabrics are bidirectional (0°/90°) open weaved (1″x1″) with a special high temperature resistive coating for fabric and joints stability.

PROJECT ONE: 19th century historical building Masonry wall strengthening
Istiklal Avenue building
Built in 1884, this building was designed by French-Ottoman architect Alexander Vallaury, and is a unique structure. Recently, the building was lent to a private firm for duration of 25 years and the firm decided to strengthen some of the masonry walls due to their insufficient shear capacity. Since the building is a historical structure of 1st degree, classical strengthening techniques, e.g. adding reinforced concrete shear walls, could not be used during the rehabilitation.

Tyfo RM (Reinforced Mortar) Basalt SystemThe solution — Tyfo® RM (Reinforced Mortar) Basalt System and masonry anchors. Basalt fabric reinforced hydraulic mortar system was applied on the wall to be strengthened. Masonry anchors were installed. Galvanized steel plates were fastened onto the wall using nuts so that a uniform pressure was applied across the Tyfo® RM Basalt System to delay debonding during a possible seismic event. Finally, the wall was covered with “Horasan” mortar (pink colored, weak mortar with lime mortar+brick pieces).

PROJECT TWO: Masonry Dome of Molla Çelebi Mosque Strengthened with Tyfo® RM Reinforced Mortar Systems
Molla Celebi MosqueTyfo® EP-B RM System

Molla Çelebi Mosque was built by architect Sinan in the Fındıklı district of Beyoglu county around 1584. The Turkish state directorate decided to renovate this historical monument. During the renovation, it became clear the main dome needed strengthening at the support level. After the “Horasan” mortar was applied on the outside of the dome, four layers of open-weaved basalt fabric installed in a special mortar matrix (Tyfo® EP-B RM System) was applied around the drum of the dome in the hoop direction to confine the dome externally and keep the structural integrity. It is expected that the principal tensile stresses and displacements of the masonry dome will be reduced significantly while also having excellent resistance to fire.