Basalt Rebar and Basalt Mesh were used to repair massive brick barrel vault arches at Fort Adams, Newport RI. Hundreds of bricks, stone, and cement were needed in the restoration after one hundred years of neglect.

The new bricks were coated with BioLime and a basalt mesh was simply pushed into the BioLime and stucco coated. This is a truly unique and awesome combination of products meant to last hundreds of years and be incredibly strong. In fact, it continually gets stronger over time.

BioLime is an advanced formula of pozzolanic materials which mimic the centuries old Roman lime plaster mixes with fine blending of today. With basalt it is a marriage made in heaven for building materials. All natural, these products allow a building to breathe, transpire and control moisture and humidity, not mold or mildew, while being super strong.

Basalt is an all-natural rock, crushed and melted into fibers then made into super strong reinforcements and composites. In this case basalt rebar and basalt mesh.

Basalt is the holy grail, producing strong products that do not burn, do not rot, do not conduct electricity or harmful EMF radiation. No artificial additives, no toxic chemicals, zero VOCs these products contribute to better performing, healthier and longer lasting architecture.

When it comes to building, settle for nothing but the best for you and your friends, pets, and family. We are incredibly excited to offer these products to builders, architects, designers of both residential and commercial buildings who are looking for truly safe, long lasting and healthy alternatives.