Our hearts go out to those who lost loved ones and properties in the recent horrible tornado event in Arkansas and Kentucky and Tennessee.

Building back with homes and businesses made in dome type shapes of advanced concretes reinforced with basalt volcanic rock fiber rebars, meshes and fibers is a critical part of assuring the protections against future disasters. Wooden and steel stick frame rectangular structures are just not capable of surviving these super tornados.

Emergency dome shelters can be available to protect vehicles which are tossed like toys. Basalt reinforcements offer impact resilience, all natural fibers made completely from rocks melted into fibers. Stronger than steel by 2-3 times, basalt fibers never corrode and are safe, inert, non-respirable, and can handle extreme temperatures, aggressive liquids chemicals and salts.

Block buildings that were shrouding basalt mesh and tested on shaker tables simulating the five worst earthquakes did not collapse like buildings without the mesh.

Inside of domes traditional architecture can be constructed like post and beam timber frames or whatever is desired to offer the more traditional construction. Porches, dormers etc., large doors and windows also maintain a traditional feel while the outer structure is not conducive to being blown apart by a tornado. The wind blows over and around such a structure and it’s solid materials can handle the event. Safety, security, peace of mind and many billions of dollars of value are achieved. Veneers can be applied to these structures of stone, brick, tile and make for aesthetically pleasing buildings. They are easier to heat and cool and SBS offers incredible highly insulating coatings to step them up to tremendous efficiency.