Green soccer stadiums in Puerto Rico to be built with basalt rock fiber

As read on, LigaPro and Puerto Rico Soccer League plan to design and build football infrastructures throughout Puerto Rico to resist Cat 5 hurricanes and magnitude 7 earthquakes. The buildings will serve a dual purpose as shelters for the community in times of need. [...]


Much higher tensile strength than steel or fiberglass rebar of the same diameter: BCR is well over twice as strong in tension to prevent concrete cracking as grade 60 steel! 2. Strength + Zero rusting allows for thinner, lighter panels and decks: Since BCR does not rust or absorb water, the thickness of concrete cover can be reduced. This allows for thinner concrete sections, resulting in savings of materials and cost.

Smarter Building Materials for a Cleaner Environment

What is a “SMARTER” Building? Smart Products Offer 5 Basic Environmental Benefits Improvement of indoor air quality Protection of aquatic ecosystems and water recovery Conservation of resources Stimulation of the local economy Energy savings — manufactured responsibly   Being environmentally responsible is not only sensible, [...]

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