The Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Florida with basalt grids of mesh and clips.

skyway bridge with basalt reinforcement

Basalt repairs to columns

The Florida Department of Transportation is now using Geo-grid mesh made from basalt fibers as an important part of the solution in the repair of their bridge columns.

Concrete and steel react over time and, as seen everywhere, particularly in the colder States or high humidity States, the reaction causes the concrete to pop and crack (spalling). Replacing steel in structural areas with something strong enough to hold the concrete together and not rust and corrode is where basalt shines.

I am a strong advocate of, where needed, using stainless steel or galvanized surrounded by a lot of basalt reinforcements. This is the best of both worlds. Mitigating fear of the shear factor and increasing the overall strength while making for a much lighter structure is the goal.

Basalt is part of the solution and we are incredibly happy to have the Florida Department of Transportation embracing the use of basalt as a viable solution. They have done extensive testings for years and fully understand the benefits of the use of basalt to make their projects safer and long lasting.