Our basalt volcanic rock fibers are a stronger and longer lasting alternative to fiberglass, carbon fibers or Aramids. They are a natural, greener alternative, that is safer and has superior properties. Higher impact resistant basalt fibers are pultruded filaments of rock fibers just like fiberglass, carbon fiber or Kevlar only ALL ROCK.  Basalt fiber is more chemical and acid and salt tolerant. Capable of withstanding hundreds of degrees hotter and colder temperatures.

Basalt is safe, non-respirable, (wear masks if sanding of course), UV immune, has an over 24% higher flexural modulus than fiberglass (stiffer but bends and returns to straight), non-conductive and does not interfere with RF communications signals.

Basalt fiber being all rock expands and contracts at the same rate as concrete when made into reinforcements. We sell basalt rebar, basalt mesh and basalt chopped fibers.

Basalt rebar is 2-3 times stronger in tension than steel yet over 70% lighter, and will never corrode. Basalt meshes and fibers prevent cracking and can help prevent earthquake and severe storm damages. Affordably.

In composites basalt takes impact far better than most all other fibers. It does not wick water badly and dries out quickly unlike fiberglass. Safer to work with, basalt wets beautifully with resins, cuts nicely, wraps around curves, and is easy to work with.

Our clients report to us how much stronger basalt is. Skis do not break as easily and have a better response – carbon is expensive, TOO stiff, and not nice to work with. Fiberglass is not stiff enough. Basalt is in the perfect sweet spot for sporting goods.

Snowboards, surfboards, foils, skateboards, tennis rackets and more – a basalt infused tennis racket just won last year at Wimbledon!

Prosthetics take impact far better without shattering. Cryogenics are made because basalt can handle hundreds of degrees colder temperatures than other fibers. Even high-pressure holding tanks can now be made with our advanced basalt fibers.

Automotive products now benefit from basalt composites as they provide lighter, far more impact capable, and easily recyclable  parts. Hybrids of basalt and natural fibers combined with bio-based resins is the future guaranteed. No other combination beats the properties achievable using basalt to make things stronger, longer lasting, non-conductive, UV immune, not igniting, and not harboring bacterial or microbial growth.

Basically almost ANYTHING now being made from composites can be made stronger and safer by switching to basalt.

We make Composites ROCK!