Peugeot Basalt interior

Basalt fibers in Peugeot

Basalt volcanic rock fibers are an excellent and inexpensive alternative to expensive carbon fibers.

Many weaves and weights can offer very attractive and durable composite parts. Basalt fibers can be mixed with aramids or carbon fibers or fiberglass or new exciting cellulosic and translucent (Bio-mid) fibers. Also there are many natural fibers such as bamboo, hemp, sisal, and jute, bringing exciting new designs and 3D looks to transportation interiors. Plus, new colors and patterns can easily be made!

Basalt does not shatter like carbon fibers, will not harbor bacterial or microbial growth, has great UV immunity, is safe, inert, and easy to work with. Additional properties include wetting well, being compatible with most conventional resins and cuts nicely for fabrication.

The photo above shows a Peugeot Exalt concept car interior. “Basalt fiber serves in place of more commonplace carbon fiber in further accentuating the one-of-a-kind look of the interior.”