Basalt rebars, basalt mesh, basalt chopped fibers and basalt rope twine, are stronger than steel and will never rust or corrode. Some stainless steel can be used in combination where needed if structural loads or shear factors are concerns. This goes for bridges and commercial buildings as well.

Basalt is much stronger and yet lighter and lasting many dozens of years longer than the structures of today that are considered by DOTs to be the “standard”.

The future is here, it is ready and proven and we can make buildings safe and strong and long lasting. Designs that have domes as an internal structure can be made more aesthetically pleasing with porches and dormers and skylights etc. Wood post and beam can be inside these structures to give a comfortable feeling that is sound and useable and accepted.

Protect the structures from the elements with advanced concretes such as geo-polymers which are 2-3 times stronger than CO2 producing Portland cement, while also being a greener and waterproof solution to many problems. Basalt in geo-polymers is the strongest thing I have ever seen for construction – unbeatable! Green safe foam and or hemp fibers with these concretes allows for super insulation saving thousands of dollars in heating and cooling costs (and I work with the best available).

We have solar heating solutions that cost next to nothing and can reduce your costs by thousands of dollars for years to come. Build safe, build green, build smarter, not just for green sake but because it makes monetary sense and keeps us alive and healthy.

It is time for change and now.
Best regards, Nick Gencarelle