Basalt fibers are making their way into more common uses every day. It used to be, every person I mentioned basalt to said “What?” “Never heard of it”.

Now many products are starting to incorporate basalt fibers. Many more are testing basalt and the results coming in are impressive. Why? Because of the properties that make it unique. Being from rock, it is safe, inert, highly fire retardant, highly resistant to chemicals, acids and extreme weather. In some cases basalt actually gets better with use – smoother and it takes a pounding like rock would!

Basalt is being added to blends with common fibers already in use today. Using basalt’s special properties to enhance and in many cases reduce the costs of those other fibers by themselves.

It is exciting to have college students and scientists experimenting with the basalt fibers. Coming up with totally new fabrics that will help make better products that last.

Recently more artists have been finding the basalt fibers perfect for their projects. Strong and yet supple and resistant to any microbial degradations.

We hope to be making more and more products in the USA in the next year. Quality controls, costs and ease of quick delivery with plenty of stock in the USA will be very welcome. We do have stock in-house now, however having much more and the ability to ship large quantities quickly will be coming very soon.