I was delighted to read about the new motorhome featured at the 2015 Dusseldorf Caravan Salon! Designed by Italy’s Roller Team — a smarter, eco-friendly motorhome designed to cut down on weight and overall environmental impact.

Source – gizmag.com: “Key to the Triaca’s eco-friendly credentials are the basalt fiber wall panels. Volcanic-based basalt fiber has been gaining some attention as a cheaper carbon fiber alternative, and Roller Team says that the panels help to cut weight by 30 percent and add strength when compared to fiberglass. Basalt fiber is also recyclable.”
Link to full gizmag article

Source – Roller Team: Concept development was made possible thanks to the participation of Roller Team, as promoter of the project, in the “Research & Development” funding program sponsored by the Tuscany Region in 2012 and applied to the sector of recreational vehicles. This is how TRIACA was born, acronym of the Italian “Tecnologia per Ridurre l’Impatto Ambientale in Camper” or Technology for Environmental Impact Reduction in Motorhomes.

“We set out to create the “Motorhome of the Future”: innovative, technologically advanced, extremely functional, but that could immediately be put in production. This means that we did not start with impractical or unfeasible concepts. The basic idea was to re-interpret already known logics and to apply them to the motorhome in order to improve its habitability and the distribution of interior spaces, reduce its environmental impact and test out a few solutions present on other products in order to apply them to future productions”, Paolo Bicci, Managing Director of Trigano SpA, the company that owns the Roller Team brand.

Triaca video showing many eco-friendly features