Ace Pipe Cleaning, Inc used basalt mesh in a recent pipe lining. Photos show a 75 inch diameter brick pipe where they installed a 2 inch 8,000 psi cementitious liner with basalt mesh geogrid between the first and second inch. They commented “The grid installation is going very smooth and finished product looks like a new pipe.”

Ace Pipe Cleaning, Inc in Kansas City, MO. are a Centripipe installer of cementitious spincast pipe liners in existing pipes.

Ace Pipe Cleaning, headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, specializes in the inspection and planned maintenance of sewer pipes and water mains, giving you the knowledge and data you need to prevent backups and breaks. As part of the Carylon Corporation, a nationwide collection of 14 best-in-class companies, we have the resources and expertise to quickly, safely, and correctly maintain your environmental infrastructure.