Light as a feather-strong as a rock!

Basalt is rock! Volcanic rock super heated and fibers are pulled through platinum bushings that allow the threads to be put on bobbins that then get woven into our fabrics. Way cleaner than fiberglass from the start. Better on the factory workers and being from volcanos a pure product from mother earth.
Amazingly light yet super strong, Basalt is being used for making products like skis have more bounce, snowboards and skateboards and skimboards take a beating and yet hold up much better when made with basalt fibers.
Brake pads, high heat and extreme cold pipes and sleeve and belts and tubing. All way more affordable than carbon fiber and it takes impact much better than carbon and fiberglass!

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  1. Bill Stedaso says:

    Attention: To whom it may concern

    Is it possible to buy a Brake pads for SAAB?

    Thank you for your prompt replay

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    Bill Stedaso

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